Sarah Cooper’s 10,000 Hours

“Befitting a 10,000 hour journey that constantly saw experimentation (tweeting, writing, drawing, open mics, stand-ups, acting) the groundwork was laid for Cooper’s next breakthrough via a new platform: Tik Tok.” Trung T. Phan examines the rise of comedian and Trump lip-sync master Sarah Cooper. Sarah Cooper’s 10,000 Hours

Robin DiAngelo

For over 20 years Robin DiAngelo has been a consultant, educator and facilitator on issues of racial and social justice. She is the author of several books, including White Fragility.  Robin DiAngelo

The “I’m Tired” Project

“The ‘I’m Tired’ Project utilizes photography, the human body, and written words as a tools highlight the lasting impact of everyday micro-aggressions, assumptions, and stereotypes and pull back the layers of discrimination to reveal thoughts and feelings that aren’t usually voiced through fear of backlash and lack of being relatable.” The “I’m Tired” Project

“Different Days” for Jason Isbell

“I’m grateful that I was a drunk. I’m grateful that I know what all those things are like, what those feelings are like, how bad it can hurt, how great it can feel.” “Different Days” for Jason Isbell

Following the North Star

Shaheen Pasha explores how the trauma of a loved one’s incarceration unravels her carefully planned-out existence, and sets her on a new, unexpected path to find meaning in the meaningless. Following the North Star


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